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Entertainment july 15, 2016

French Artist Renders A Calvin And Hobbes Comic Strip In Stunning 3D

Gabriel de Laubier brings new life to a beloved 25-year-old scene

Technology november 28, 2012

Dry Erase Cartoon Board Lets Anyone Become A Comic Writer

A promising Kickstarter project, Magnet Comic is a magnetic board in the shape of a newspaper funnies strip.

Arts & Culture october 30, 2012

Life-Sized Storybook Characters Appear In London Subway Station

UK Television Network 'Gold' creates a one-of-a-kind scenario in a busy London Train Station, bringing laughter and amusement to onlookers.

Technology september 20, 2012

46 Ft Wide Interactive Comic Lets Users Decide The Story With Their Mouse

Created by web comic xkcd, ‘Click and Drag’ is a giant interactive piece that invites the viewer to go on a journey following the characters in their big world.

Work june 22, 2012

Tailored Suits Let Men Dress Like Superheroes For Work [Pics]

A new corporate wear collection inspired by comic book characters.

Advertising june 7, 2012

Reebok Sneakers Inspired By Marvel Superheros [Pics]

Running shoes and flip flops for adults that feature iconic characters from the comic books.

Work october 12, 2011

'Yellowman' Graphic Novel Twists Science And Magic In Victorian London

Dark and mysterious, a new top-hat thriller takes us back to steam power, carriages, and magic.

Technology september 7, 2011

At Last, Comics Go Digital

DC comics become readily available to download on the same day as the print version is released.

Innovation may 17, 2010

What's More Innovative, To Do Things Better, Or To Do Better Things?

Jeff Branzburg, Director of Technology for the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education raises a thought-provoking question.


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