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Design march 11, 2016

Comic Book Proposes a Vertical Farm in NYC

An architecture firm took a graphic route in this MetLife building proposal

Culture november 7, 2013

Marvel’s Newest Superhero Is A Suburban Muslim Girl

Marvel Comics has introduced a series whose lead character is a teenage kid living in New Jersey, who faces familial and cultural challenges while trying to fight bad guys.

Culture may 28, 2013

Painted Comic Book Explores The Life Of Salvatore Ferragamo [Pics]

High fashion shoemaker's story captured in a graphic novella using acrylics and india inks.

Advertising april 17, 2013

Audi Lets Fans Write The End To Next Iron Man Comic [Video]

The car company teams up with Marvel to create a crowd-sourced digital graphic novel.

Culture april 2, 2013

Twitter Co-Founder Immortalized As A Comic Book Hero

Graphic novels take on the tech business as their subject matter.

Advertising march 26, 2013

Creating Participatory Narratives In Advertising

Razorfish exec talks to PSFK on the audience-driven AXE Anarchy campaign [partner supported]

Cities february 21, 2013

Movies And Comic Books Now Distributed Through Vine

Feature film 'It’s a Disaster' was released in a series of short looping videos and 8 Vines were used to create the tale 'The Last Drop'.

Culture november 9, 2011

Art Deco Superheroes: A New Look For Familiar Characters

French designer Greg Guillemin renders a few of our beloved comic book superheroes using art styles that flourished in the 1920s.

Advertising july 7, 2011

Revealing An Invisible Storyline With Berg’s Graphic Novela Experiment

SVK is a graphic novella complete with an object that reveals its invisible ink.

Culture april 16, 2010

Publishing Experiments In The Age Of The iPad

Crowdsourced funding for Art Space Tokyo, and experiments on translating the reading experience from print to iPad.


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