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Syndicated october 2, 2015

The Way to Kill a Destination City? Chase Out the Poor People—And Their Food

When greed makes a place like New York or London unaffordable, the non-wealthy leave, and the city loses the smells and tastes that made it great

Advertising september 30, 2015

Hysterical Consumerism Ruins Food. And Holidays. And Books

Retailers who want to satisfy all appetites at once should remember that there can be too much of a good thing

Work june 17, 2015

Bottling the Smell of Dead Loved Ones Won’t Capture Their Essence

A company promises to provide ‘olfactory comfort’ by making a perfume from the distilled scent of our dearly departed

Technology march 27, 2014

Kindle, Glass, Apps Or Text: What Is The Future Of Books?

Is the future an interactive novel read on a Google Glass? How the written word will be consumed is an important question for the future of our society.

Work february 5, 2014

Dan Gilmour: Why Blogging Will Never Die

Why the popular phenomenon is something all writers -- academic, journalistic or creative, should implement in a responsible way.

Sustainability january 3, 2014

How History Created Today's Surveillance-Based Business Model

Passive data collection is the culmination of years of debate that reach back to before the Internet age.

Syndicated january 2, 2014

Is It Possible To Be Too Happy?

The search for meaning in one's life may be more satisfying than the pursuit of happiness, according to Jane Austen.

Luxury december 31, 2013

What Is The 'Affluenza' Excuse For Justice Inequality?

Ethan Couch's case highlights how only a slim percentage of convicted youths in the U.S. get sentences they deserve.

Gaming & Play december 30, 2013

Music Videos, Creativity And Damaging Norms

Music videos have a greater potential for progressiveness and creativity than directors are taking advantage of.

Cities december 18, 2013

Are Retailers Like Lululemon Using Bad Body Image For Profit?

Founder Chip Wilson's callous comments reflect a disposition toward retail therapy that won't change until it affects retailers' bottom line.

IoT october 30, 2013

Mirrors Bring Light To Shadowy Norwegian Town

Artist Martin Andersen's giant exhibit illuminates Rjukan, but our exact need for sunlight remains enigmatic.

Innovation october 22, 2013

Why Silicon Valley's Tech Hubris May Be Its Undoing

Big Tech is an economic powerhouse that could use a history lesson to prevent repeating past mistakes of booming industries.

Work september 20, 2013

The New Punctuation For The Social Media Generation

The Interrobang is the ultimate symbol to express excitement and outrage in our shockaholic era.

Mobile september 18, 2013

Does The iPhone 5S Signal That Apple Has Given Up On Innovation?

Once a company renowned for breaking new ground, the tech company may be turning into a typical American corporation.


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