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Work september 2, 2016

Microsoft Wants To Help Workers Better Communicate With Their Coworkers

Project Sonoma is a new app designed to help employees chat and coordinate shifts with their associates

Fitness / Sport august 10, 2016

Garmin Wants To Help You Keep Track Of Fellow Cyclists

Stay connected with up to 50 riders in a 10-mile radius

Retail august 10, 2016

This Rebellious Startup Wants To Liberate International Calling

In an age where music, messaging, and other forms of media are free, why do long distance phone conversations still cost a fortune?

Ai july 6, 2016

How To Amplify Your Company’s Communication Using AI

Textio utilizes data and learning loops to help hiring leads write the right words

Retail june 28, 2016

These Voice-Controlled Wearables Make Store Employees More Efficient

The Container Store has ditched walkie-talkies and opted for a new line of devices to streamline in-store operations

Brand Development june 28, 2016

Why Communication Is The Cornerstone Of An Effective Team

BMC and PSFK Labs' Digital Transformation Playbook describes how companies are leveraging internal management platforms to help teams work together and share information better

Social Media june 27, 2016

Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Technology may 26, 2016

Home Smartphone Brings Families Together

The design of a new intercom focuses on making communication simple and quick

Technology may 23, 2016

Earpiece Can Translate Foreign Languages On The Fly

The Pilot lets you nestle a personal interpreter directly into your ear canal

Technology april 5, 2016

Google Fiber’s Landline Complements High-Speed Broadband Service

Cloud-connected phone includes unlimited calling and voice transcription

Culture february 26, 2016
Advertising february 1, 2016

Talking With Loved Ones Shouldn’t Just Be a Privilege for the Rich

Immigrant families get a free telecom service to stay in touch

Technology october 8, 2015

Are Emoticons the Future of Wearable Communication? This App Says Yes

Chill wants to make it easy to text on the small screens of wrist-bound devices via increasingly-popular emojis

Culture september 17, 2015

Inspiring A Global Communication Network Through Modern Messaging

PSFK, in partnership with HP Matter, speaks to Jonathan Christensen, CEO of Wire, about the democratization of seamless and secure chat


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