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Innovation june 23, 2016

Brand Communities Flourish When Consumers Are In Charge

New report explores how advertisers can facilitate authentic, impactful relationships

Work december 28, 2015

5 Automation and Lifestyle Changes Powering Closed-Loop Communities

PSFK looks at major changes in tech influencing how we experience basic infrastructure in our homes, offices and cities

Technology june 19, 2013

Publisher Offers Book Recommendations Based On Your Facebook Timeline

Random House's app seeks to strengthen the publishing industry by tapping into social media communities.

Syndicated april 9, 2013

Why Snoop Lion Is Trying To Rebrand Himself As PG

The former pimp, shrewd businessman and multiple joint smoker is trying to remold himself into a more family-friendly version.

Syndicated august 23, 2012

Sir Terence Conran Spearheads Housing Design Competition [Headlines]

Government contest enlists the help of the famous creative as part of campaign to gain public support for a big increase in housebuilding.

Mobile august 7, 2012

Do Youth Need Guidance To Deal With The Pressure Of Social Media?

One year on from the London riots, there is still a need for professionals trained to deal with the social problems young people face in using today's technology.

Work july 23, 2012

Is Talking On The Phone Becoming Old Fashioned?

With Twitter, text messaging and more, making calls and speaking to someone is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Cities april 25, 2012

Athlete Runs Cross-Country For Nike To Show The Power Of Sports

Jason Lester is trekking across the U.S. to share the message for Nike's 'Journey for a Better World' campaign to inspire hope and rally communities.

Technology november 23, 2011

Real Estate Agencies Make Videos To Sell Communities, Not Just Properties

Realtor Sharon Steele films short profiles of local businesses to showcase the town where she has houses for sale.

Retail april 12, 2011

A Consumer Cloak Known Only To Marketers [Video]

The Transparency Suit is an abstract representation of the hidden code defining us to brands.

Mobile february 2, 2011

Future Of Real-Time: Mobile Communities

Building and maintaining virtual communities with simple technology.

Advertising december 22, 2010

Creating Communities To Fight Against Overconsumption

Smart is an organization making an effort to reduce frivolous spending, hoping to get consumers to think about our culture of consumption.

Innovation december 16, 2010

The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

The Institute for the Future has released a map of "The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion."

Technology february 25, 2010

WellCommons: An Experiment In Journalism

WellCommons is an experiment by Lawrence Journal-World and News looking to understand what happens when social media is integrated with journalism.


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