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Arts & Culture june 20, 2016

Photographer Reimagines Subway Commuters As 16th Century Paintings

A U.K. artist is turning his secret portraits of train riders into recreations of classical artwork

Design april 27, 2015

Electric Commuter Bike Offers Riders Short-Term Speed Bursts

Faraday bikes hide their electrical components for a stylish, easy ride that offers 20 miles of assisted pedaling

Cities march 4, 2014

Touchscreen Service Helps Select Most Efficient Urban Travel Options

TransitScreen sends local mass transit options to devices in real-time to help choose the best way to get to your destination.

Advertising april 22, 2013

Cyclists Teach New Riders Urban Riding Skills

Prior to the launch of NYC’s bike share system experienced bikers are lending a hand to newbies

Culture april 10, 2013

Photobomb Series Captures A Mashup Of Daily News And Everyday People [Pics]

An anonymous photographer has captured a series of pictures showing fellow commuters mixed with funny or famous faces.

Advertising april 5, 2013

A Closer Look At The Virtual Grocery Display Trend [My Ideal City]

Virtual retail spaces have the potential to repurpose transitional urban spaces for entirely new uses.

Advertising october 22, 2012

Coke Zero Challenges Commuters To Be James Bond For 70 Seconds [Video]

When purchasing a drink from this vending machine, people were asked if they wanted tickets to see Skyfall and set a task for them in order to win.

Advertising september 20, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google now spans the globe with a single data network, Groupon crediting merchants for credit card purchases, an anti-Jihad ad in NYC subways and a list of the 100 most influential photographers of all time...Links to start your day with.

Advertising july 24, 2012

Digital Canopy Creates A ‘Sunroof’ On Subway Trains

The ‘Canopy’ is a concept that would attach to the roof of a train car to give riders a view of the outside world they’re passing. The flexible ‘e-paper’ would show passing landmarks and weather information.

Advertising may 21, 2012

SF Subway Station Transformed Into Faux National Monument [Video]

The Montgomery tunnel installation in San Francisco was designed to encourage city residents to travel to the Utah national park.

Cities april 6, 2011

The Multiplayer Travel Game For London Commuters [Video]

Chromaroma awards you points as you travel around the city, providing a more exciting journey to work.

Cities january 27, 2011

Real-Time Parking Space Management System In China

Balizhuang, a suburb of Beijing, has introduced a web application to help ease the parking space problem in the area.

Advertising january 14, 2011

Bus Shelter Ad Keeps Commuters Warm While They Wait [Pic]

Under an innovative ad campaign by Colle + McVoy, oven-like bus shelters were set up in Minneapolis.

Innovation january 10, 2011

Study: Peak Travel Reached

An exploratory eight-country study finds that the demand for travel and automobile ownership had reached a saturation point as early as 2003.


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