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Technology february 19, 2014

Platform Streams Text For Hyper-Fast Reading

Speed-reading techniques applied to online communication for improved efficiency.

Work december 16, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Space Saving Presents

Help your friend maximize their space in the new year with these innovative and whimsical gift ideas.

Work july 31, 2013

Tray-Free Printer Eats Away At Piles Of Paper [Pics]

In one end and out the other, a printer design that doesn't jam and needs a lot less attention.

Home may 22, 2013

Flat Pack Chair Cut From A Single Piece Of Wood [Pics]

Monstrans' compact furniture piece is ideal for smaller living spaces.

Arts & Culture december 19, 2012

PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Phoenix is a compact, wireless device so users can enjoy music anywhere they go.

Innovation october 23, 2012

Researchers Develop Cassette Tapes That Could Store 35 Terabytes Of Data

Fuji and IBM creates a prototype cartridge that could be the future of large data storage.

Mobile august 10, 2012

Flatpack, Mobile Dwelling Unit Can Pop-Up Anywhere

The ‘Cube’ is a minimalist loft designed to combine an office, bedroom, and meditation space, which can be relocated and assembled with regular DIY tools.

Advertising june 20, 2012

'Stick' Humidifier Only Needs A Cup Of Water To Work

A recent innovation unveiled at the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo event is a portable humidifier that only needs to be placed in a small water source to increase humidity in an enclosed space.

Arts & Culture february 16, 2012

Revamped Compact Bicycle Folds Up In Under 10 Seconds

Portable bike can be collapsed faster due to its uniquely odd frame shape.

Work june 11, 2009
Design & Architecture may 5, 2009

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