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Work august 14, 2013

Workstation Combines Bookshelf And A Computer

A Dutch studio's compact design combines analog and digital workspaces in a streamlined structure.

Mobile august 1, 2013

Fold-Away Furniture Packs A House Into One Room [Pics]

The bedroom, office and kitchen in the Kenchikukagu series can be tucked into a compact case on wheels.

Retail july 9, 2013

IKEA Living Dollhouse Campaign Help Home Owners Deal With Small Spaces

The Swedish furniture brand is exploring the theme of smart living for a tiny home.

Design & Architecture january 22, 2010

(Pics) Compact Living & Working

FLKS by Dutch designers Kapteinbolt, gives the concept of flexible working and compact living a new meaning with this completely foldable workspace.

Home january 15, 2009

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