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Technology november 22, 2011

Why We Want To Tune Out Complexity--And How We Can Address This

New research published by the American Psychological Association finds that the less we know about a complex social issue, the more we avoid becoming well-informed. We consider a few implications.

Advertising september 12, 2011

What Is The 'Tipping Point' When A Minority Wins Over A Majority?

A recent study suggests that the tipping point is surprisingly only 10% of people within various networks. Minorities do rule.

Design & Architecture may 13, 2011

In Defense Of Hard: Over-Simplification In Society And Growing Through Challenge

Design technologist P.J. Onori examines the simple and the complex, and explains that if you expect more of your audience, you will end up with both a better audience and a better product.

Innovation february 1, 2011

Ed Cotton: Managing Complexity

Complexity has become an excuse for some businesspeople to preserve the status quo, to abandon thinking ahead and to push strategy to one side, because they don't believe it can be flexible and responsive enough to help them in a rapidly changing world.

Work april 7, 2010

Clay Shirky On The Complexity And Collapse Of Business Models

Clay Shirky investigates the institutions of industry and the role complexity plays in a digital age.


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