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Sustainability december 1, 2016

Turn Food Scraps Into Fertilizer In 24 Hours

Zera Food Recycler is an in-home composting appliance that allows families to reduce their food waste without resorting to an outdoor compost pile

Retail september 1, 2016

100% Compostable Food Packaging Has Arrived

Sun Basket has created a new shipping solution in which nothing goes to waste

Work december 3, 2015
Innovation december 23, 2013

NYC To Use Food Waste To Heat Homes

The city of New York has approved a plan to convert organic waste and wastewater into biogas.

Innovation july 19, 2013

Exchange Food Waste For Fresh Produce Credits

Hello Compost lets low-income New Yorkers exchange compost for fresh fruits and veggies.

january 25, 2013

High-End Japanese Restaurant Builds Menu Around Dirt

Ne Quittez Pas offers a 'dirt course' for around $110 that features compost made from coffee grinds and palm fiber.

Sustainability december 20, 2012

PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Biodegradable Shoes

One Moment's 01Ms are rubber slippers that are made from an eco-friendly material.

Luxury june 4, 2012

Gucci Unveils Eco-Friendly Shoes Made From Biodegradable Material

The luxury fashion house goes green by using recycled compost in its latest Fall collection.

Cities january 5, 2012

San Francisco Collects Its One Millionth Ton Of Food Scraps For Compotsing [Headlines]

The west coast city sends refuse from local restaurants to Northern California farms to use in fertilization.

Retail june 28, 2011

PSFK's Best Of Last Week: June 19-26, 2011

The PSFK posts with the best traffic from last week.

Sustainability june 14, 2011

Sun Chips: It's Not Easy Being Green

How can big brands ensure that environmentally friendly packaging redesigns will be appreciated by their consumers?

Design & Architecture september 17, 2010

(Video) Levitation Aesthetics

A levitating light bulb uses wireless energy.

Innovation september 8, 2010

A Home Powered By Guinea Pig Waste

A couple shows how animal waste can be used to sustain a small community.

Work august 31, 2010

Humans Give Back To The Environment… Literally

A unique DIY project in Chicago offers a way to recapture value from waste.


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