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Mobile november 5, 2012

Air-Powered Motorcycle

The O2 Pursuit is a motorbike prototype by Dean Benstead that can go 100 km on a single tank of compressed air.

Innovation may 10, 2012

Motor Company Plans To Launch Car Engines That Run On Air

Tata Motors is a step closer to developing a greener vehicle that emits zero pollution.

september 26, 2011

Toyota Breaks Speed Records With A Compressed Air Car [Headlines]

Toyota builds compressed air car that exceeds 80 miles per hour.

Home november 1, 2010

The Honda Air: Inspired By Roller Coasters & Skydiving

Honda has designed a lightweight, open car that runs on an unlikely fuel source.

Sustainability january 5, 2010

Concept Motorcycle Explores The Use Of Compressed Air

The Green Speed is a concept motorcycle designed by a group at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to run on compressed air.


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