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Technology november 14, 2016

New AI Software Reads Lips Better Than Any Human

The University of Oxford developed a new app that can more accurately read lips to make communication easier

Technology june 3, 2016

How Computer Science Is Helping To Fight Viral Infections

IBM Research announced a new macromolecule to protect healthy cells from viruses

Health may 25, 2016

Ingestible Robots Can Help Doctors Of The Future

Origami robot is capable of extracting objects or patching up small wounds

Design & Architecture january 7, 2015

Colorful Heat Map Pinpoints Most Photographed Places in the World

A Google app map sorts out the cliches from the next big spots

Work november 19, 2014

'Sharing Faces' Mirror Matches Your Expression with Distant Person

Art and computer science collide to reflect different people with same expression as the onlooker

Gaming & Play october 27, 2014 Wants to Give an Hour of Code to Every Student

Education is a gift that keeps on giving

Work september 10, 2014

Documentary Delves into Lack of Diversity in Tech

'CODE' explores low percentage of women, minorities in computer science

Luxury july 29, 2014

Code School Founder on Creating a Diverse Tech Community

Gregg Pollack discusses how the gamification of programming is just one step in equalizing an industry lacking in women and minorities

Home may 29, 2014

Will Computer Science Go Beyond The English Language Into Arabic?

A conceptual digital art project links computing programming to the Arabic language with a surprising point of view.

Gaming & Play march 7, 2014

Minecraft World Contains A Full-Size Replica Of Manhattan

Student is building one of the most intricate structures the indie game has seen.

Sustainability january 6, 2014

Augmented Reality Platform Hides Graffiti Easter Eggs Around Pittsburgh [Video]

An intriguing new form of AR art leaves video treats around the city for users to discover.

Technology august 30, 2013

Scanner Can Comb Through The Entire Internet In Less Than An Hour

ZMap is an open-source scanner that can survey every IP address in the world in 45 minutes and provide Internet-wide studies.

Sustainability june 21, 2013

Visualizing The Pros And Cons Of Big Data

Digital artist Jonathan Harris has created a new piece about data's potential for both good and bad.

Technology march 12, 2013

Robot Butler Separates Oreo Cookies For Its Owner [Video]

HERB is robotic helper that is programmed to scrape off the cream from the biscuit.


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