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Travel november 25, 2016

Modular Device Gives Any Car Augmented Reality Capabilities

Carrobot is a small heads-up-display that assists in driving and could make roads safer

Gaming & Play november 25, 2016

Children's Game Teaches Lessons About Entrepreneurship

Combining the realms of analog and digital gameplay, Pizza Co. imparts lessons about business, while still being fun to play

Health november 14, 2016

Nutritional Biosensor Knows If You've Been Eating Healthy

One X Sensor measures your carotenoid levels by beaming a specific wavelength of color into your skin and determining your dietary needs

Technology july 11, 2016

This Baby Monitor Can Think On Its Own

Nanit is a device that tracks your child's sleep using computer vision; enabling parents to get insight into sleep issues and room conditions

Mobile january 11, 2016

Manipulate Your Surroundings Using Only Your Phone

Make everyday objects, like lamps and cars, do your bidding

Work december 15, 2015

Designing a Drone Better Suited for Safety and Shoving

Armed with computer vision and a spherical case for its propeller, this drone will make for friendlier skies

Innovation may 29, 2014

Public Eyesores Disappear With Camouflage Tech

MIT researchers create an algorithm to cloak public eyesores like electrical boxes.

Retail february 21, 2014

App Analyzes Selfies To Provide The Perfect Bra Fit

ThirdLove patents computer vision technology for determining a user's size through their smartphone.

Technology september 19, 2013

Toolkit Transforms Whiteboard Sketches Into Functioning Apps [Video]

An app that digitizes preliminary sketches into manipulatable prototypes.

Home november 18, 2012

Webcam Detects Behaviors That Signal Autism

By tracking the body movements of toddlers, this new system could lead to earlier intervention in autistic children.

Arts & Culture june 11, 2012

Draw Your Own Self Portrait With Your Eyes Closed [Video]

A machine helps users draw with their eyes shut, guiding a pen in their hand and using computer vision to track their face and generate a line drawing.

IoT july 2, 2010

(Video) Forever 21's Interactive Times Square Billboard

Digital ad uses virtual reality and computer vision technology to interact with the crowd.

IoT may 11, 2010

Focus On The Small Things: Developing More Efficient Object Recognition Systems

Scientists are developing new technology to make it easier to build object recognition systems.


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