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Home july 10, 2013

Headset Lets Drinkers Fill Beer Glass With Their Thoughts

The longer you can mentally focus on something cold, the more of the beverage you will receive

Work june 23, 2013

Brain Scanning Headband Improves Your Concentration

Melon is a wearable device and app that tracks your thoughts to help you focus.

Innovation june 5, 2013

Music Streaming Service Keeps Listeners Focused

Focus@will aims to help boost concentration and productivity and increase people's attention span.

Syndicated january 4, 2013

Springwise: Music Streaming Site Aims To Boost Concentration

'focus@will' hopes to improve people’s concentration through tailored playlists that calm the brain.

Design & Architecture august 25, 2012

How Are Modular Designs Creating A More Flexible Workplace? [Future Of Work]

PSFK is asking readers to take a picture of their favorite workplace escape or share their best technique for maintaining a laser sharp focus.

Cities september 24, 2010

Only Hearing Half The Story

Scientists have solved the puzzling mystery of why we are annoyed listening to others' phone conversations in public

Design & Architecture december 7, 2009

Ommwriter: Be At One With Yourself And Ideas

Ommwriter is a refreshing new text processor designed with focus and productivity in mind.


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