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Design & Architecture january 31, 2012

Who Is The Most Clever And Funny Conceptual Artist? [Headlines]

David Shrigley combines humor and art to create thought-provoking photographs, sculptures, drawing, animations and books.

Work january 3, 2012

Thousands Of Children Create Art With Stickers & A Blank Room

Yayoi Kusama reconstructed a large domestic environment where the walls and every object contained within them were painted white - then she invited the kids...

Syndicated october 3, 2011

WMMNA: Rethinking Curating -- Art After New Media

Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook examine new media art and what this means to the curatorial practice.

Home july 14, 2011

At Home With Banksy [Pics]

Artist Julia Kim Smith imagines what it'd be like living with anonymous street artist Banksy.

Technology april 27, 2011

"Pixelhead" Face Mask Offers Media Camouflage For The Internet Age

A conceptual piece of headwear shields the wearer from unwanted cameras, ensuring their identity is kept anonymous on sites like Google Streetview and Facebook.

Innovation december 10, 2010

How To Make Money From Art: Make Art That Simply Takes Money

Conceptual artist Caleb Larsen shares thoughts on how to make money from normally valueless things.


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