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Automotive september 2, 2016

New Bendable Concrete Offers More Durability Than Regular Materials

ConFlexPave could halve the time it takes to install new pavement

Home july 19, 2016

Watch Time Fade With This Concrete Clock

Hours of the day dematerialize into shadowed remnants with this French-designed wall piece

Luxury september 11, 2013

Luxury Concrete Furniture Adds An Industrial Edge To The Home [Pics]

Mensch Made’s collection of tables, candle holders and accessories that repurpose the building material for the living room.

Technology july 28, 2013

PSFK’S Top Five Stories Of The Week

Google Glass in porn filmmaking, robots eat concrete buildings and hotel features underwater rooms.

Design & Architecture july 16, 2013

Flexible Concrete Case Protects iPhones From Harm [Pics]

Tough skin for your smartphone looks just like the surface of the moon.

Cities june 12, 2013

Sidewalk Concrete Reveals Floral Patterns When Wet [Video]

A product that could revitalize overly-paved urban wastelands.

Design & Architecture march 8, 2013

Inflatable Tent Turns Into Concrete With Water [Video]

Flexible material hardens up when it's wet to become a shelter.

Technology january 8, 2013

Eco-Friendly Concrete Building Walls Grow Moss

Researchers in Spain have created cement that uses natural rainwater to grow moss.

Design & Architecture november 5, 2012

Concrete Repairs Its Own Cracks With Bacteria

Researchers have created a special building material that can regenerate itself.

Work september 10, 2012

Concrete Stand Keeps Laptop From Overheating [Pics]

Designer Greg Papove proves that functionality isn't necessarily all about portability.

Arts & Culture july 12, 2012

Fashion Designer Silkscreens Concrete And Plywood On T-Shirts [Video]

Italian designer Sangue photographs the shape of a T-shirt on various surfaces and prints them to create realistic-looking designs.

Design & Architecture may 2, 2012

Bacteria-Powered ‘Self Healing’ Concrete Makes Buildings Like New

The bacteria seals cracks and keeps out water and other damaging substances to prolong the life of the concrete.

Advertising april 27, 2012

Creative Agency Uses Concrete Business Cards To Strengthen Their Reputation [Pics]

French firm Murmure created these unique cards to make sure their company is remembered.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2012

Church Built Out Of Giant LEGO Blocks [Video]

Colorful toy-like building blocks were used to create this 65-foot chapel.


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