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Technology october 24, 2016

Open-Source Toolkit Lets Communities Build Their Own Street Furniture

The Wikiblock database contains 30 blueprints of different neighborhood fixtures including benches, bus stops, and kiosks

Travel september 22, 2016

A Dutch Hotel Will Construct The First Fully 3D-Printed Building In 2017

The conference space will be Europe's first building with a zero carbon footprint

[News] New 3D printed construction material is both hard and soft
[Insight] Waze crowdsources confirmations to rid itself of traffic misinformation
Design & Architecture september 6, 2016

Interactive Office Lobby Invites Nature Indoors Through Visualized Data

The building interior features 85-foot LED columns to display natural occurrences from the local area

Automotive september 2, 2016

New Bendable Concrete Offers More Durability Than Regular Materials

ConFlexPave could halve the time it takes to install new pavement

Home august 30, 2016

Bike-Friendly Apartment Building For Swedish Cyclists

A residential space is being designed for commuters to easily transport goods

Sustainability january 26, 2016

Materials That Respond to Time and the Elements

4D printing could give us shoes that become water-resistant when needed

Gaming & Play october 20, 2014

Build Yourself a Raspberry Pi Laptop

No expertise necessary, just $300 or so for a kit to construct a machine all your own

Work august 8, 2014

Short-Term Architecture Makes for a Long-Term Trend

In the wake of a housing bust, portable and pop-up structures are filling voids

Technology july 1, 2014

This Giant Wooden Pavilion Was Built Entirely By Robots

The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall in Stuttgart is made up of robotically prefabricated beech plywood plates.

Work june 17, 2014

Complex 3D-Printed Steel Components Push The Boundaries Of Architecture

Arup engineers are using the latest techniques to produce a design method for critical structural steel elements.

Design & Architecture april 22, 2014

'Architectural Roomba' Prints Life-Sized CAD Plans On The Ground [Video]

Construction site robot could prevent human errors when interpreting architectural plans.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2013

Public Kitchen Provides Construction Equipment To Make On-The-Go Meals [Pics]

Construisine pushes visitors to see material and nutrition as equal basics for creation.


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