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Work august 17, 2016

PSFK Is Hiring: Site Editor, Product Manager

PSFK is looking for resourceful, experienced and skilled executives to join our NYC team as we build the world’s leading platform for creative intelligence

Sustainability march 11, 2016

Grass is Just as Green: A Microsoft Consultant Moves into Cannabis

Cannabis and supply chain tech, they're not so different

[Inspiration] Sympathy and co-design can nudge change-resistant clients, says IDEO
Technology june 9, 2013

Larry Keeley: How To Demystify Innovation And Build Breakthroughs

Doblin CEO says innovation isn't luck – it can be driven by using smart tactics in unusual combinations.

Mobile march 10, 2013

Kyle Bunch: Why Austin Has Become The Go-To Product Test Market

An explanation of what it is about this Texas hotspot that has people returning year after year.

Work october 28, 2012

What Does The Architecture Of A Post-Carbon Economy Look Like? [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to architect Eric Corey Freed about applying design thinking lessons for sustainability.

Arts & Culture january 2, 2012

Shawn Parr: 10 Resolute Ideas To Start Your New Year

When facing down the New Year there is power in the perspective that comes from revisiting why you exist as a business and exploring the beliefs and operating values you live by.

december 12, 2011

Heineken Strikes Deal With Facebook [Headlines]

With 4.6 million adult fans, the beer maker announces a strategic partnership for consulting services.

IoT october 31, 2011

Yves Behar: Connecting To Consumers Through Ideas [Video]

The founder of fuseproject inspired audiences at the recent PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO.

Cities june 2, 2011

Want To Intern At PSFK?

We are looking for motivated folks who want to work alongside us in New York City for 4 or 8 weeks and learn as they deliver.

Retail october 15, 2010

Ed Cotton: A New Breed Of Consultants, Brands

How some companies are profiting from sharing their secrets of success.

Advertising june 10, 2010

Seth Godin: Hourly Work Vs. Linchpin Work

You should pay people by the hour when there are available substitutes. On the other hand, if there are no short term substitutes, then you don't pay what the market will bear, instead you pay what someone is worth. Big difference.


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