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Syndicated october 12, 2016

The UK Has Successfully Transmitted Data On The National Electricity Grid

The technology is a step toward creating virtual power stations that would enable smarter electricity use by homes and businesses

Work march 2, 2016

UK Consumes Far Less Than a Decade Ago—’Peak Stuff’ or Something Else?

From crops to energy and metals, material consumption fell from 15 tons to just 10

Luxury november 19, 2013

Travel MultiPass Would Work On Trains, Planes And Buses

Based on a sci-fi movie, this idea may soon be a reality.

Technology september 6, 2013

How Customers Are Humiliating Brands Via Social Media

Online revenge has become a new battlefield where brands have to fight to protect their reputations.

Work june 26, 2013

Pub Shows How Bitcoin Will Work For Retail

East London bar is the first in Britain to accept digital currency for drinks.

Gaming & Play march 4, 2013

Are Household Appliances Becoming Over-Complicated?

Items created for efficiency have now become so detailed they may negate their original functions.

Technology december 20, 2012

Who Owns The Content You Upload Online?

After Instagram announced changes to its terms and conditions, the web community is again questioning the value of their content.

Luxury december 10, 2012

Bitcoin Becomes Legitimate Payment System

Virtual currency website takes a step towards legitimacy with European recognition.

Mobile september 18, 2012

Could A Virtual Main Street Save Struggling Local Shops?

With nearly 15% of shops vacant, two new online shopping companies are trying to revamp the way we think about buying 'local.'

Design & Architecture july 17, 2012

Did Marks & Spencer Steal A Local Artist’s Designs?

Rachel Taylor is urging major retailers like John Lewis and Selfridges to sign a petition by the Anti-Copying in Design Group to protect independent UK designers.

Mobile may 31, 2012

European Post Offices To Roll-Out Contactless Payment

All 11,5000 branches will use the technology by October, some as early as June 6th. With the change, the Post Office will become the biggest user of contactless technology in Europe.

Advertising may 14, 2012

How Twitter Is Changing Customer Service

Twitter is becoming so widely used for complaints that companies, from LA Fitness to BT, have Twitter accounts specifically to deal with customer feedback

Work march 28, 2012

iPad 3 Refunds Australian Buyers Because Of Lack Of 4G Service [Headlines]

Competition watchdog takes Apple to court after tablet was sold as 'iPad with WiFi + 4G' but cannot use Australian network.


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