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Technology august 11, 2016

Constant Disruption Is The New Normal

Shawn Parr, CEO of Bulldog Drummond, shares why disruptive thinking should fuel the way we do business

Sustainability february 22, 2016

No-Waste Restaurant Serves Food That Would Otherwise End in Landfills

Can a zero-waste model reform an otherwise wasteful industry?

Work january 11, 2016

Tech-Savvy Shoppers Drive the Internet of Things in Real Time

An online-offline hybrid puts tech-savvy shoppers on the cutting edge

Luxury june 18, 2015

Dwell President Casts New Rules of Luxury Consumer Spending

DWELL Media president Michela O'Connor Abrams on why the new affluent have no regard for luxury for luxury’s sake

Travel april 22, 2015

Airbnb Charges Artists to Interpret the Housewarming Experience

Airbnb partnered with design firm Fabrica to unveil an installation designed to show the importance of connecting guests with a home

Gaming & Play april 10, 2014

Michael Sprague: Moments Are The Bridge To Mobile Marketing

What are the best strategies for acquiring new customers? Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Kiip shares his tips.

Retail november 29, 2013

Macala Wright: How Technology Is Changing Customer Loyalty Programs

Retailers are building online communities of like-minded people with new and emerging online services.

Work july 7, 2013

Macala Wright: 6 Technologies In Every Marketer's Toolkit

As consumer behavior becomes more complex, we need tech, tools and platforms that meet increasing customer expectations.

Advertising august 9, 2012

Online Retailer Amazon To Overtake Wal-Mart By 2020 [Headlines]

The shift to online purchasing means that the online retail giant could overtake its competitor as early as seven and a half years from now.

Arts & Culture july 24, 2012

What Does The "The Good Life" Look Like Today? [Headlines]

The Guardian argues that the state needs to safeguard a standard of living for people in more than just economic terms.

Technology may 15, 2012

Smartphone Shopping Behavior Differs By Store Type [Headlines]

The likelihood of a consumer to use a mobile coupon, scan a QR code, or read product reviews on their mobile devices differs vastly across store type; 73% of mobile users read product reviews on their phones in electronic stores while only 14% do so in grocery stores.

Advertising february 17, 2012

Consumers Want To Own Less And Gain More [Headlines]

New research suggests that buyers prefer quality over quantity.

Cities january 29, 2012

Time Warner Launches State Of The Art Consumer Behavior Lab [Headlines]

The media company will study how people understand, enjoy and consume media with new high tech space.

Mobile november 18, 2011

Study Estimates 60 Million Will Shop With Mobile Phones Over Thanksgiving [Headlines]

Whether online or in an offline store, the growing number of mobile shoppers presents a huge opportunity for retailers.


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