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Retail july 20, 2016

How Retail Tools Are Streamlining Shopping Online And Offline

A case study on how Cisco technology is amplifying the business of fashion

Advertising july 1, 2016

Refreshing Advertising’s Relationship Between Brands And Consumers

PSFK’s President of Research, Scott Lachut, introduces a new vision for digital engagement

[Stat] 76% of Chinese consumers have shopped from mobile devices
Advertising april 27, 2016

Why We Launched The New PSFK Future of Advertising Report

PSFK's Editor-in-Chief Piers Fawkes on adopting new strategies to provide a more engaging relationship between consumer and brand

Advertising january 12, 2016

Mobile Chargers Are Bringing Electric Scooters to Your City Faster Than Expected

PSFK spoke with Gogoro's VP of Communications about the company's OPEN Initiative and its global expansion

Advertising november 9, 2015

The Future of Retail 2016: Consumers Are Brands Most Influential Advocates

Tap consumers for their knowledge and feedback to create opportunities that builds deeper brand connections

Cities december 15, 2014

Taking A Global Perspective Of Manufacturing From 2014 On

Manufacturers overseas are taking it upon themselves to tackle the challenges of implementing sustainability as a core business model, but this is just the first step along a much longer path

Design december 8, 2014

Amazon Elements Shows the Company’s Approach to More Transparency

Amazon's own line of everyday essentials includes information such as when they were made and where the ingredients were sourced

Advertising december 4, 2014

How Sustainability Is Inextricably Linked To The Bottom Line

PCH’s recent sustainability report examines how to evolve from supply chain management to supply chain development

Advertising november 18, 2014

The Word-of-Mouth Advantage of Quality Products Selling Themselves [Future Of Retail]

Founder and CEO of American Giant discusses why highly informed and vocal consumers spending their money on products that matter to them represents a profound shift in retail.

Culture october 17, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: The Big Switch-Off – Why Brands Need to Create New Ways to Connect

Brands are now supporting our need to schedule time for disconnection-creating space for significant moments, reconnecting us with creative contemplation and ensuring our well-being.

Advertising october 1, 2014

Sam Ashken: Data is the New Design Medium

The Barbarian Group's head of audience intelligence talks, among other things, about who's doing well when it comes to granular targeting

Advertising april 12, 2013

Ross Martin: How Millenials’ Use Of Tech Is Changing Marketing [PSFK 2013]

Ahead of PSFK CONFERENCE 2013, Ross Martin of Viacom and Scratch discussed how technology is breaking down the boundaries between brand and consumer.

Advertising february 17, 2013

Frog: Procter & Gamble Says Emotional Connections Are Crucial For Branding

Mindsharing chats with Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at the major multinational consumer goods corporation.


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