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Technology may 26, 2016

This Site Lets You Get Your Prescription Without Ever Visiting An Optometrist

This company lets you be your own optometrist from home

Mobile november 18, 2014

Store Contacts in the Cloud with Real-Time Digital Business Card

Keep your friends and connections list up-to-date and private with 'Olocode' service

Work june 28, 2013

Contact Lens Turns The Human Eye Into a Telescope

Researchers have created a potential solution to prevent the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Work october 31, 2012

App Shows Caller's Social Media Information When They Ring

Instead of caller ID, learn who is contacting you from their online profiles, such as where they work from LinkedIn or their last tweet.

Mobile february 27, 2012

Screen Calls From Various Google+ Circles

Send unwanted calls straight to voicemail by organizing your contacts using Google+ and Voice.

Technology february 17, 2012

Make Free Calls To LinkedIn Contacts Using Your iPad

Hookflash app hopes to change the way we interact on the professional social networking site by making it social on multiple levels.

Technology january 12, 2012

Digital Business Cards Might Give Facebook Cards Some Competition

CardMunch app revolutionizes networking by turning scans into LinkedIn connections.

Mobile november 17, 2010

3-Up: Networking Meets Gaming

A new app provides an easy way to learn about the interests and passions of new contacts, while also encouraging curated information sharing.

Work november 16, 2010

Minimalist iPhone-Based Social Network Allows Only 50 Contacts

Path is a new app that facilitates "quality networks."


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