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Retail april 28, 2013

Zappos Labs: The Frontier Of Online Retail Is Curation

Retail executive lays out the future of content curation.

Technology january 10, 2013

Turn Any Article Into Cliff Notes With One Click

Read more in less time with a media summary tool that transforms text into bullet points like a digital research assistant.

IoT march 24, 2012

This Week In Brand Strategy & Marketing

PSFK curates some of the strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention.

Innovation january 3, 2012

Tumblr To Hire Full Time Editorial Staff [Headlines]

The online platform is expanding its staff to help start producing original content on top of its curation services.

Technology december 29, 2011

Content Curators Compete In Game-Like Forum While Making Newsroom Contributions [Future Of Gaming]

Digg Newsrooms is a new channel introduced by the online content curator that uses both rewards and status as incentive for experts to help curate its topical channels.

Partner Content december 20, 2011

Trends For 2012: Social Content Creator On Thoughtful Business Growth

James Gross, co-founder of new start-up Percolate, believes that we need to slow things down and be thoughtful in order to create lasting products in the frenzied tech world.

Mobile december 12, 2011

Google Launches A Mobile App That Curates Content [Headlines]

Currents is the new app from the search giant that rivals the popular app Flipboard.

Advertising july 18, 2011

See Percolate In Action [Video]

View a demonstration of the new publishing platform given by founder James Gross.

Advertising july 12, 2011

The Next Era Of Blogging: Some Thoughts From The Creators Of Percolate

PSFK interviews the two creators of a new online creation and curation platform about how they are changing the nature of blogging.

Work july 5, 2011

BERG London Brings Content Curation To The Humble Receipt Printer

The design firm creates an old-school interpretation of a modern app.

Technology may 27, 2011

The Importance Of Content Curation

A look at how Thrillist, PSFK and iFlow are capitalizing on the growing need for online content curation.

Innovation april 14, 2011

Denham The Jeanmaker: A Bespoke Denim Service

Denham's launch captures a few key trends we've been monitoring in the apparel world.

Luxury january 9, 2011

Trends For 2012: Ten Innovators Share Their Thoughts

PSFK taps the top entrepreneurs of 2011 for their insights into what trends we should look out for in 2012.

Work april 7, 2010

Designers As iPad Content Curators

How can designers can use the iPad to help traditional media outlets become the new "Curators of the Internet"?


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