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Contextual Rolodex
Work january 27, 2013

Intuitive Connection - A Future Of Work Theme

Geographically dispersed teams are leveraging social network-style platforms to come together online and collaborate on common goals.

Mobile january 27, 2013

Moneypenny - A Concept For Future Of Work

The next generation digital assistant helps you find the perfect work-life balance.

IoT january 27, 2013

Social Network Matches Nearby Business Prospects [Future Of Work]

Intro links user information and social contacts to identify shared connections between contacts.

Work january 27, 2013

Social Network Address Book Creates More Informed Interactions [Future Of Work]

Brewster helps users create an ecosystem of contextual information around all of their contacts to improve address book data.

IoT january 27, 2013

Contextual Rolodex - A Future Of Work Trend

New applications are helping facilitate connections by providing contextual reminders and prompting worthwhile exchange between co-workers.


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