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Technology december 3, 2014

Tingle Brings Back Acoustic Touch to Digital Music Controller

The pin-board toy has been converted, letting users create with whatever they put underneath it by translating into musical sound

Gaming & Play july 29, 2013

DIY Game Controller Helps People Navigate Reddit Faster

The social news site just got easier to use thanks to this easy to make browsing tool.

Sustainability november 12, 2012

Game Designer Wants To Replace Videogame Consoles With Smartphones

Green Throttle Games is developing a system to transform an Android smartphone in to a full gaming console with up to four controllers.

Retail october 22, 2012

Why Kids Learn Best Through Doing - Jason Milligan, Sesame Workshop [Video]

The Creative Director introduces new forms of kinetic learning.

Work july 19, 2012

Office Supplies Created From Old Video Game Controllers [Pics]

Desk organizers created from unused gaming parts.

Technology april 2, 2012

High-Tech Glasses Project Movies Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Epson's futuristic wearable projector shades also let you browse online and are now available to purchase.

Design & Architecture november 3, 2010

Guitar Hero Controller Made Into A Synthesizer (Video)

A real instrument is made out of the famed controller.

Advertising june 23, 2010

Griid: Turning The iPad Into A Control Hub For Musical Performances

A new versatile control software enhances live musical events.

Design & Architecture april 7, 2010

A Foot Controlled Mouse

An interesting concept design could bring bring feet into computing.

Gaming & Play march 19, 2010

Controling Digital Cameras With A Nintendo DS

HDR Labs's Open Camera Control project aims to let photographers add new camera abilities to their Digital SLRs.


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