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[Inspiration] A design conversation with Bang & Olufsen + Paul Cocksedge
Cities november 19, 2014

Social Movement Provides Real-World Environments for People to Connect

FreeConvo is a cause that encourages you to strike up conversation with strangers

Mobile july 24, 2013

Phone-Hiding Tablecloth Lets Diners Enjoy Each Others’ Company

Engage in some actual conversation thanks to this ingenious way to break the tie with your cell phone at meal time.

Work november 23, 2010

So Much For Brands To Learn. So Little Time

Chris Harrison looks at how Africa’s marketing pioneers are beginning to engage consumers on the Internet.

Technology july 27, 2010

A Successful Conversation Involves Brains 'Coupling' Together

New research shows how the neural activity of the speaker's brain is synchronized with that of the listener's.

Arts & Culture april 20, 2010

Creating Impossible Viral Videos And Intimate Viewing Experiences

David Karp and Ryan Trecartin explore how a site's environment influences communities, conversations, interactions, and the tone of content.

Design & Architecture march 25, 2010

Glisten Hive: Mapping The Lives Of Animals Through Twitter

Project *glisten) HIVE aims to raise awareness on the complex state of existence of animals through an interactive audio-video projection.

Advertising september 23, 2009

Creative Inspiration from Behance IV

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Every Wednesday, Behance shares 5 fresh art and design projects from their network with PSFK.

Technology june 2, 2009

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