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Food june 28, 2016

The Slow Cooker Is Getting A Modern Update

The crock pot designed for busy city dwellers pairs with an app for recipes and features individual compartments for perfect cooking times

Technology february 28, 2014

Tesco Turns Blogger Recipes Into In-Store Grocery Lists

Supermarket giant partners up with food intelligence firm to create a futuristic way to shop online.

Arts & Culture february 10, 2014

Instagram Cooking Show Teaches Culinary Skills In 15 Seconds [Video]

Amsterdam based chef turns to social media to get his quick yet informative videos noticed.

Design & Architecture april 19, 2013

Cakes Inspired By Famous Artwork [Pics]

Pastry chef whips up creations based on the museum’s permanent collection.

Innovation december 12, 2012

PSFK Gift Of The Day: Flower Pot Mini Grill [Pics]

Clever product encourages people to eat what they grow.

Innovation november 22, 2012

Holiday Dinner Comes In A Convenient Can That Heats Itself Up

Hotcan provides a delicious warm meal without the hassle of cooking it.

Work june 19, 2012

Portable Lunchbox Steams Food At Worker's Desks

The Bento encourages workers to think of healthy alternative lunch options besides fast food.

Design & Architecture january 25, 2012

Insulated Bag Retains Heat To Slow Cook Food With Less Energy

Eco-friendly Wonderbags reduce carbon emission and costs while preparing meals.


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