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Technology april 30, 2014

Tagg.Ly Lets You Get Credit For Your Smartphone Photography Skills

Vice reporter creates an app that instantly watermarks your images.

Design & Architecture september 9, 2013

LEGO Book Scanner Questions The Rights Surrounding Digital Content [Video]

The DIY Kindle Scanner is a machine made from LEGO Mindstorms that automatically photographs each page of an e-book.

Mobile january 24, 2013

Sundance Movie Was Illegally Filmed At Disney World

‘Escape From Tomorrow’ follows a father as he goes insane at Disney World and is raising a copyright and brand debate because it was shot without permission.

Technology january 7, 2013

Could Newspapers Charge For Linking To Their Stories?

The National Newspapers of Ireland group believes that content should require licenses when it is used for commercial purposes.

Advertising july 20, 2012

Apple Forced To Run Ads Saying Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad [Headlines]

A judge has ruled that the Galaxy Tab does not infringe on Steve Jobs' iconic design.

Technology november 9, 2011

US Copyright Industries In Good Shape Amid Piracy Concerns

Digital piracy seems to be doing little to hurt the US Copyright Industry, which is reported to pay 15 to 27 percent more than the average job.

october 19, 2011

Court Denies Getty Images’ Request to Dismiss Copyright Case [Headlines]

The company that makes tree-shaped car fresheners is suing Getty for using their product in pictures.

Arts & Culture october 11, 2011

Premier League Loses Fight For Intellectual Property Rights [Headlines]

The European court of justice ruled that events within a match cannot be copyrighted.

Advertising september 13, 2011

Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Threatens Non-Profit Over Toucan Logo [Headlines]

Cereal maker Kellogg's is threatening to sue the Maya Archaeology Initiative over their toucan logo, claiming to own the bird in all images and logos.

Technology august 20, 2011

Music Right’s Holders Can Now Earn Every Time Their Song Is Played On Youtube

Music publishers can now earn from ads whenever YouTube fans use their songs in uploaded videos.

Advertising august 11, 2011

Blink-182 Rewards YouTube Copyright Infringers [video]

The video for the pop-punk band's latest single feature footage of fans who have used there music without permission on YouTube.

Work june 21, 2011

Judge Rules Reposting Entire Article Is Fair Use [Headlines]

A US judge ruled Monday that publishing an entire article without the rights holder’s authorization was a fair use of the work

Work june 16, 2011

Google’s ‘Search By Image’

Google's latest search tool let's you search for images by uploading them to the search engine.

Innovation may 24, 2011

Is The Hargreaves Report A Blueprint For A Modern IP Policy? [Headlines]

Does new report point the way to an approach to copyright that doesn't stifle innovation. And will it be acted upon?


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