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Work august 5, 2013

Infographics Show The Real-Life Cost Of Being A Superhero [Pics]

Mashable created a series of illustrations that show popular action figure's costs of living today compared to when they first started their careers.

Technology may 24, 2011

Volkswagen's Data Visualization Experience: What True Life Costs

An informative and engaging site educates and informs on what life - eating, dressing, enjoying, sharing and driving - costs (at least in the UK).

Innovation may 17, 2011

Monocolumn: NYC Series – Restaurant Price Hikes Difficult To Digest

In a city where nobody cooks, rising prices at New York restaurants have become a fact of life. Thomas Keller’s Per Se, awarded three Michelin stars, once charged $135 for a nine-course vegetarian tasting menu; the same meal will now set you back $295.

Retail april 29, 2011

What Costs More In 2011? [Infographic]

Flowing Data lays out Consumer Price Index data to explore how prices have increased from March 2010 to March 2011.

Work august 18, 2010

Ruralsourcing Allows Companies To Keep Jobs In the Country

A new trend promises to be a win-win scenario for small businesses and unemployed workers alike.

Cities march 12, 2010

(Pic) The World's Most Expensive Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the results of a survey listing 132 cities with the highest cost of living from around the world.


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