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Partner Content september 10, 2013

Nude Mannequins Protest Against Synthetic Fabrics During NYFW

America's Cotton Producers and Importers create a creative platform to discourage retailers from using cheap, fast fashion materials.

Innovation january 23, 2013

Specially Treated Cotton Can Harvest Water From Fog

The cotton is coated with a polymer known as PNIPAAm, which allows it to absorb 340% of its weight in fog droplets.

Work january 17, 2012

Reusable Cotton Napkins On A Roll Go From Picnic To Party

Spain-based company MYDrap presents an array of colorful and reusable napkins rolled into an ergonomic packaging that is more sustainable than the disposable option.

Innovation january 3, 2012

Clothes That Clean Themselves Using Only Sunshine

Scientists have discovered a cotton fabric that when treated with a chemical compound can remove stains when exposed to sunlight.

Retail april 19, 2011

Rising Cotton Prices Cause Hanes To Turn To Flax

The high cost of raw materials leaves clothing manufacturer seeking alternatives.

Design & Architecture april 6, 2010

Eco-Friendly Banana Fibre Briefs From AussieBum

Australian men's swimwear manufacturer aussieBum have released a range of underwear that breaks new ground in eco-friendly design.


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