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Design & Architecture june 6, 2016

An Adjustable Sofa That Can Form To Everyone’s Idea Of Comfort

This sofa's shapeshifting abilities at ICFF allow for soft or firm seat feel

Retail november 9, 2015

Furniture Designed to Ease the Pain of Your Next Move

Rhode Island-based furniture company Greycork is reimagining quality furniture for a mobile lifestyle

Starck's New Gadget-Friendly Sofa
A Couch System For The Tablet Era
Work january 31, 2013

Hotel Chain Lets Professionals Book A Couch To Work From

Marriott's Workspace On Demand booking app allows anyone to reserve space in the lobby, a media pod, or a conference room to meet or network with others.

Arts & Culture july 31, 2012

Quirky Sofa With Built-In Tunnels Lets Cats Play While Owners Rest [Pics]

A furniture design that allows pets and owners to co-exist when there's limited space.

Functional, Collapsible Couch Made From 8000 Tiny Plastic Sticks

Rethinking materials leads an industrial designer to develop a flexible piece of furniture.

Technology november 23, 2011

IKEA Sofas Fit For Any Living Space, Even A Castle [Video]

A new set of ads shows how different people revolve their lives around a couch.

Technology november 18, 2011

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Home november 14, 2011

IKEA Places Sofa In Real-Estate Ads

Furniture store gets creative and turns ordinary homes into showrooms.

Advertising march 24, 2011

Minimalist Couch Based On “That” Picture of Marilyn Monroe

The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe has provided inspiration for so many artists, why not designers as well?

Design & Architecture november 4, 2010

Traditional Indian Furniture Gets A Modern Facelift

The Charpai cot gets remade with recycled denim.

Arts & Culture february 4, 2009

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