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[News] Apple considers loyalty rewards program to make Apple Pay more appealing
Technology october 11, 2012

Old Navy Creates A Scannable Coupon Out Of Humans

To celebrate reaching 5 million Facebook fans, the retailer has created a 30% off promotion for customers using real people.

Luxury august 22, 2012

Waxing Salon Transforms Hampton's Jitney Into A Moving Digital Voucher

The European Wax Center creates an interactive campaign to attract new customers.

Technology august 22, 2012

Supermarkets Offer Shoppers Customized Discounts Based On Their Buying Behavior

Grocers create relevant coupons for individual customers.

Mobile july 25, 2012

Coffee Chain Creates Location Based Interactive Newspaper Ads [Video]

Scannable barcodes allow readers to find their nearest Cafe Joe to their current coordinates.

Innovation january 3, 2012

Interactive Ping-Pong Game Takes The Outdoor Stage [Future Of Gaming]

An advertising campaign created for the Mcdonald’s in Sweden allowed pedestrians to play ping-pong on a giant screen in a Stockholm town square.

Mobile december 9, 2011

American Express Incentivizes Shopping At Small Businesses By Giving Consumers $10

Consumers get bonus dollars from the credit card for supporting local shops this holiday season.

Innovation july 21, 2011

Springwise: Resell Your Unused 'Deal-A-Day' Coupons In The Kuponomi Marketplace

The Turkish-based site, Kuponomi, is a free trade platform that allows consumers to resell the deal-a-day coupons they've bought but haven't had the chance to use.


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