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Technology july 20, 2016

Pokémon Go Will Soon Offer Sponsored Locations

The United States' most feverishly played app has plans to offer unique advertising opportunities to retailers

Design & Architecture february 27, 2014

Renovated Buildings Double As Billboards To Promote DIY Products [Video]

OBI builders upgrades a German neighborhood while displaying its services.

Cities may 15, 2013

Insecticide Billboard Ad Becomes Giant Bug Trap [Video]

Italian ad agency create an interactive billboard that doubles as fly paper.

Work january 23, 2013

Creative Sandbox: App Creates Instant Worldwide Brand Exposure

Simultaneous worldwide photo captures create huge pulses of branded social activity.

Retail december 7, 2011

Ralph Lauren's Animated Greeting Cards Are Customizable & Shoppable

The holiday e-cards spell out messages with models holding letters, while the clothes they wear are listed underneath.

Syndicated november 22, 2011

Arts Thread: A Textbook For Generating Creative Ideas

Ideation, the combination of 'idea' and 'generation,' is a natural process that can be spurred along with specific techniques.

Advertising september 26, 2011

You And Your Meaningless Career In Advertising [Headlines]

In a world filled with social good causes, one must not be daunted. Use creativity to solve shared problems one small step at a time.


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