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Work may 7, 2014

A LinkedIn Network Designed Specifically For The Creative Class

A few years after its initial launch, read why Zerply is positioned as the go-to network for creative professionals in the entertainment industry.

Syndicated january 4, 2013

frog: What Innovators Can Learn From Artists

Although they may not always seem like the best business people, the creative class can teach a few lessons to those of us behind the desks.

Travel november 28, 2011

The Future Of Learning: Open Source Education

The key to providing access to and engaging people in fun and fulfilling education is to create shared communities that reward participation.

Technology november 2, 2011

Chris Riley: How Social Media Accesses Global Creativity To Reconstruct Storytelling [Video]

The founder of StudioRiley celebrates the emergence of a new class of creative professionals giving that give us alternative narratives about the world, and new sources of ideas.

Retail july 1, 2011

Le Meridien Hotels Re-Define The Lobby Experience With The Help Of Richard Florida

The Hub series will first rollout at Le Meridien Barcelona to include three experiential zones: Arrival, Interaction and Latitude.

Work june 29, 2011

Bicycling, Wealth, And The Happiness of Cities [Headlines]

Bicycle Diaries author believes that biking through the city is more than just an eco-friendly mode of transportation; it creates a state of mind.

Advertising june 16, 2011

Wieden + Kennedy, SHOP, And The Rise Of The Agency/Retail Hybrid?

A review of last night's W+K Pop-Up SHOP event.

Cities february 28, 2011

Who Are The World’s Biggest Drinkers?

Richard Florida and his team at the Creative Class recently mined the World Health Organization's Global Status Report on Health and Drinking to extract meaningful conversation points from a large data-set ripe for assumptions.

Innovation august 10, 2010

(Map) Where The Money Is

Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander recently created an interesting graphic of pay levels across all U.S. metro regions.

Design & Architecture march 11, 2010

(Pics) Samsung’s Massive Shipping Container Camera

Cheil World Wide's Creative Class created a huge camera to promote Samsung's NX11 camera.


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