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Latin America september 7, 2016

This Perfume Is Meant To Stimulate Your Creativity

Advertising Agency McCann celebrated their 70th anniversary with the power of smell

Travel august 23, 2016

Portuguese Senior Citizens Become Graffiti Masters

A workshop based in Lisbon is teaching the elderly how to create street art and letting them practice on buildings

[Inspiration] Creative side hobbies provide more fulfillment that quitting mundane jobs
Op-Ed june 29, 2016

Cannes Report: Are We Looking In The Right Places For Inspiration?

Gerard Crichlow, Director of Social and Cultural Innovation at AMV BBDO, points to the untapped creative leaders of content

Retail june 27, 2016

Viacom: Designing A Creative Map With Data [PSFK 2016]

Watch Kodi Foster at #PSFK2016, on how quantifiable data is essential to creativity

Design & Architecture may 19, 2016

Why Vulnerability And Rejection Are Part Of The Creative Process

Speakers at the 99U conference discussed their own stories of growth through rejection

Arts & Culture may 9, 2016

Beme Founder Asks If Social Media Can Create Empathy [PSFK 2016]

Matt Hackett & Casey Neistat’s social platform strips away self-editing. Learn why at PSFK 2016

[Inspiration] Procrastination allows creatives to think of original ideas
Robotic algorithms demonstrate artistry in music, painting and fiction (Daily Beast)
Problem-solving platform brings the gig economy to creativity
Work april 22, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Attention Hacking in an Unconventional Master Class

What is creativity, really? And is originality a myth? Faris Yakob gave a whirlwing masterclass in attention hacking at #PSFK2015. Here are the highlights.

Arts & Culture april 20, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Attendees Connect Through Creativity (and Doodle Portraits, Too)

During last week's conference, the doodle artist extraordinaire and attendees sketched each in 60-second bursts

Innovation february 10, 2015

Office Color Scheme Hopes To Encourage Workers To Take Risks

Bangkok office designed as a motivational poster

Work december 22, 2014

New Beer Developed to Maximize Creativity

Hemingway would be proud: a beer proven to boost creativity


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