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Design & Architecture august 2, 2016

This Imposing Memorial For Gun Violence Is Made From Crime Scene Evidence

An artist has created a large concrete structure using debris from the places where incidents occurred

Technology december 8, 2015

Swedish Social Alarm System Is Halting Attacks on Refugees

Trygve is a collective mobile security app that's helping to identify and prevent potential harm in European neighborhoods

Work february 11, 2015

London Mayor: Technology Stops Young Men from Creating Crime

Boris Johnson suggests drop in criminal activity driven by selfies and Facebook

IoT october 17, 2014

‘This American Life’ Storytelling Spin-Off Finds New Mysteries in 1999 Murder

The podcast investigates the trial and conviction following a teen's death, but also the memories, relationships, and evidence which the jury never saw

Work october 9, 2014

Can this Case Prevent Assault with Dedicated Emergency System?

Whistl from start-up LifeShel turns your phone into an anti-crime device

Gaming & Play september 22, 2014

White House, Celebrities Collaborate on Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

The 'It’s On Us' campaign raises awareness to help prevent sexual violence on college campuses

Innovation march 24, 2014

Incredibly Accurate 3D Mugshots Created From DNA Samples

Researchers have developed a technique that can create an image of a person's face from their biological material.

Cities september 13, 2013

Then-And-Now Crime Photos Reveal The Hidden Past Of New York Buildings [Pics]

Shocking news stories from history recreated at various locations around NYC.

Syndicated april 29, 2013

Bulletproof Fashion Even Extends Into Kids Range

A fashion range includes raincoats, blazers, vests and a polo shirt capable of stopping a bullet from an Uzi submachine gun.

Cities january 17, 2013

Pill Bottles With GPS Devices Will Track Drug Thieves

The NYPD cracks down on theft of painkillers by using "fake" bottles.

Work january 8, 2013

NYPD App Shows Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

The law enforcement unit in New York City is going mobile in reporting crimes.

Technology december 11, 2012

Next-Generation Handcuffs Could Sedate & Zap Detainees

Patented apparatus would administer drugs and electric shocks.

Work september 21, 2012

Should Facebook And Twitter Be Seriously Cracking Down On Trolls?

Should authorities intervene or does this infringe on the freedom of speech?

Innovation july 18, 2012

How Do We Stop Technology From Making Criminals Smarter? [Video]

At TEDGlobal, Marc Goodman argued that technology is scaling for both good and bad and we have to know how to defend ourselves.


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