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Customer Relations Shift To Mobile
Work january 27, 2013

Smarter Tools Are The Future Of Intuitive Communication [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Senior Business Strategist at Microsoft Office's labs about the future of workflow and interfaces.

Syndicated june 12, 2012

Springwise: Open Source App Gamifies Customer Relations

Zurmo's new software uses badges, points and levels to make interacting with consumers more fun for workers.

Retail august 31, 2011

Kellogg's Launching Online CRM Portal To Increase Customer Engagement

The CPG company is partnering with Epsilon to create a new online marketing solution.

Luxury may 10, 2010

When Companies Resist Going Digital, And Thoughts On Challenging The Status Quo

Many companies, brands, institutions and individuals have found opportunity and success by going against the status quo.

Technology march 5, 2010

Plugin Replaces Gmail Ads With Social Context

Rapportive is a browser plugin that replaces the ads that appear in Gmail messages with contextual information about the sender.


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