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Syndicated november 29, 2016

Holiday Stunt Crowdfunds Digging A Giant Hole In The Ground

Makers of the party game Cards Against Humanity livestreamed a backhoe digging, saying 'as long as the money keeps coming in, we'll keep digging'

Technology november 29, 2016

This Shelf Add Outside Storage Space To Your Computer

FLOAT Shelf is a simply designed device that adds a platform to any iMac

USA november 22, 2016

Buy Cheap Leftovers When Local Restaurants Close

Food For All is a new app designed to help prevent waste and save money in the process

Product Launch november 17, 2016

Drinking Bottle Tests Water Quality With Just A Shake

Ecomo is a project on Kickstarter that promises a smarter way to stay hydrated

Media & Publishing november 11, 2016

Kickstarter Live Lets Creators Stream Straight To Their Backers

The platform helps develop a closer connection between makers and those funding a project

Retail september 23, 2016

How Indiegogo Is Becoming An Adult Product Destination

The crowdfunding platform is stepping up its game with a curated list of VR stimulators, sexbots and teledildonics

[Insight] Why product copying is one of crowdfunding’s biggest challenges
Home august 1, 2016

This Music Streaming Pillow Could Be Your Ultimate Sleeping Companion

The cushion can help you rest easier through analyzing waking patterns and movement data

Product Launch august 1, 2016

Amazon Now Has A Dedicated Kickstarter Section

The partnership brings hundreds of crowdfunded projects to a much larger audience

Travel august 1, 2016

Crowdsourcing Used To Map Nicaragua's Transportation Network

A grassroots organization is plotting out transit routes as a way to serve areas in need

Retail july 25, 2016

How Micro-Investments Can Be Made Available To Everyone

Republic is a new crowdfunding platform that lets any person become an angel investor in startup ventures

Food july 25, 2016

This Levitating Cup Will Keep Your Drink Airborne

The world's first zero gravity drinkware has debuted on Kickstarter

Food july 22, 2016

Spill-Proof Wine Glass Lets You Imbibe Without Worry

The unique vessel will aerate your drink and prevent it from being knocked over

Arts & Culture july 21, 2016

How An Unfunded Kickstarter Project Is Already Being Sold In Stores

These fancy brass poo sculptures are now available for retail


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