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Design & Architecture september 3, 2014

Heineken CrowdSources The ‘Perfect’ Pop Up Bar

The brew brand boozer to debut at London Design Festival

Travel july 31, 2014

Stockholm Crowdsources Color of New Subway Line

Over three-thousand people have taken part in the online contest so far

Innovation july 18, 2014

Online Search Engine Ignites Creativity By Crowdsourcing Associative Thinking

Can a search engine also become a platform for creative thought?

Work june 3, 2014

Giant Crowdsourced Drawing Pulled Ideas Through Kickstarter

Web-based experiment gives people a way to express their imaginations.

Mobile may 26, 2014

Legacy Brand Meets Startup: Why The Best Ideas Come From The Living Room [PSFK 2014]

Top minds from Quirky and GE discuss how an usual business partnership led to the rapid execution of crowdsourced inventions.

Work may 26, 2014

Crowd-Funding Mogul: How The Wisdom Of The People Fuels Innovation [PSFK 2014]

In this video, Rodrigo Nino talks about why crowd-sourcing provides the answer to successful and economical growth.

Advertising may 21, 2014

Pornhub Crowdsources Its New Campaign Of Safe For Work Ads

15 finalists compete for a one-year creative Director contract.

Op-Ed may 13, 2014

Mark Busse: The Dangers Of DIY Culture

Cutting corners with crowdsourcing and DIY can be expensive when it ought to be something that can't be owned or trademarked.

Mobile may 2, 2014

Umbrellas Could Be Used As Crowdsourcing Tools For Weather Data

Keeping yourself dry could also help scientists prevent urban flooding.

Home april 30, 2014

Vote Now For The Design Of Manhattan’s Hotel Of The Future

Choose the design and amenities for the next Cotel in downtown NYC.

Technology april 4, 2014

Crowdsourced Guesses Predict World Events Better Than The CIA

The Good Judgement Project calls on the "wisdom of the crowd."

Design & Architecture march 28, 2014

NASA Crowdsources Designs For New Space Suits [Pics]

Cast your vote on how you want the Z-2 Spacesuit to look.

Technology march 13, 2014

Crowdsourcing Traffic Data App Could Create A Better Bus System

App uses commuter data to reshape public transport routes.

Work march 13, 2014

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