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US Allows Airbnb Listings of Cuba Homes (Guardian)
Innovation may 19, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google Glass app lets wearers pay with bitcoin, the New York Times leaked innovation report and Uber's potential valuation.

Work january 23, 2013

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

France to tax Internet giants, Microsoft hires viral designer and Atari files for bankruptcy...links to start your day with.

november 23, 2011

Food Demand To Double By 2050 [Headlines]

The University of Minnesota has released a new projection, although the research fails to consider advancements in urban farming.

Innovation november 7, 2011

Cubans Hail A Private Property Revolution [Headlines]

The Guardian reports that state controls are being whittled back as Raúl Castro abolishes the ban on buying and selling houses.

Work march 7, 2011

Nike Speakers: Challenging Throwaway Culture Through Repurposing

A competition which encourages new uses for discarded items makes a virtue of recycling.

Technology october 8, 2010

Rotilla: Electronic Music And Freedom Of Expression In Cuba

A recent documentary chronicles the origins, purpose and future of Cuba's underground electronic music festival - and the current notion of freedom of expression in the communist country.

Advertising september 23, 2010

Monocolumn: Castro Vs Castro

Four years after disappearing from view following an illness that nearly killed him, the former Cuban president has returned to public life.

Arts & Culture august 13, 2010

Monocolumn: Cuba Changes Its Tune

Cuba might be a land of ration books and power cuts, but last weekend it hosted an electronic music festival, complete with three stages and even an approximation of a cinema tent.

Technology july 28, 2010

BBC’s New World Music Archive: Where Will It Take The Next Generation Of Musicians?

A newly released global music database could provide a strong influence on the next crop of artists.


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