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Technology december 16, 2013

i-D Magazine Unveils New Internet Identity

The magazine's new branding brings online aesthetics offline.

Technology march 13, 2013

3D-Printed Cube Casts Scannable QR Codes With Its Shadows

The Shadow Cube creates barcodes that point to Wikipedia entries of great thinkers.

Work february 6, 2013

Music Video Graphics React Live To Singer's Voice

British artist, Jamie Lidell features eye-catching gadgetry in the video for his upcoming single.

Work august 21, 2012

Flexible Furnishing System Accommodates All Modern Office Functions

The Mindport by Lista Office brings flexible, stylish pods to the future workplace.

Mobile august 10, 2012

Flatpack, Mobile Dwelling Unit Can Pop-Up Anywhere

The ‘Cube’ is a minimalist loft designed to combine an office, bedroom, and meditation space, which can be relocated and assembled with regular DIY tools.

Mobile july 16, 2012

Origami Cube Speaker Folds Flat With One Motion [Pics]

Slim square card can be twisted into a cube-shaped audio system.

Home july 11, 2012

Room Can Attach To Any Building Facade, Giving Apartment Dwellers Extra Space

The Rucksack House is a lightweight cube that attaches to a roof or building facade to provide more space and can be accessed through an existing window in the structure it is attached to.

Design & Architecture may 12, 2011

The Cube: Living In 27 Eco-Friendly Square Meters [Video]

The University of Hertfordshire's Cube project offers users a carbon-neutral living space if only they can manage the tight quarters.

Innovation october 1, 2010

Automated Parking Garage Delivers Vehicles While You Wait

A futuristic new facility in the UK uses a system of automated lift technologies to deliver vehicles in under 3 minutes.

Advertising september 23, 2010

(Pics) A Glowing Cube Made From Hollow Aluminum Tubes

Heatherwick Studios' 'Sitooterie II' is intricately designed to glow through the night from a single light source.

Retail may 4, 2010

Hijacking The Rubiks Cube

A French artist has added a subtle message of ecological conservation to the famed Rubik's Cube.

Design & Architecture december 7, 2009

(Pic) The MintPass Cube

The Cube concept design by MintPass offers an interesting, retro take on an MP3 player.


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