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Work october 22, 2014

Classic Rubber Bands Redesigned as Cubes

Design firm Nendo transforms the everyday office supply with a geometric shape that improves versatility and style

Advertising march 7, 2013

OXO Stop-Motion Ad Turns Household Items Into Delicious Food

Oscar-nominated filmmaker PES adds his own special touch to bring pizazz to a British cupboard staple.

Technology september 6, 2012

Hyundai's Dynamic Wall Moves In Response To Audience Sounds [Video]

An installation features 30x30cm blocks that move in and out of the internal facade of the building to make rippling patterns.

Design & Architecture april 3, 2012

Designer Compacts Sneakers Into Building Blocks [Pics]

Artist revamps the shape of shoes for a new perspective in this concept design.

IoT april 18, 2011

Gaming: Sifteo Unboxing [Video]

Quirky idea: little cubes with screens that react to movement and to each other. Sifteo is a real odd-ball amongst gaming devices.

Work june 18, 2010

(Pics) Pixelated Sculptures: Making 2D 3D

Shawn Smith explores the role of pixels in the identity of objects with his creations.


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