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Cities march 21, 2016

SoHo Goes Multisensory With a “Portable Historical Society”

Exploring the little-known history of a New York neighborhood important to many creatives

Culture march 21, 2016

Samsung Powers This Connected, Music-Streaming “Hoverboard”

A self-balancing scooter that might be less likely to throw you off and catch fire

Advertising march 21, 2016

Geico Disrupts the Pre-Roll Ad to Turn a Nuisance Into a Delight

Advertising campaign relies on the unexpected to encourage viewership of longer ads

Culture march 21, 2016

Action Camera Tracks Heart Rate and Airtime, Stabilizing Through it All

Pick your best shots and instantly share them using high tech data-tracking sensors

Culture march 21, 2016

Get Your Hands on 3D-Printed Replicas of Fan Fave Sci-Fi Shows

Science-fiction TV channel offers fans collectables that can be made at home

Advertising march 21, 2016

Tattly Brings the Ink to the White House Easter Celebration

The temporary tattoo company will celebrate national forests at the country's biggest Easter party

Culture march 21, 2016

Sephora: From Makeup Store to Beauty Education Hub

The makeup retailer intends to turn every purchase into a 'learning moment'

Advertising march 21, 2016

How the Sharing Economy Is Growing Beyond Airbnb and Uber

From hammers to tents, the trend to borrow and rent out belongings is disrupting markets

Cities march 18, 2016

Highlighting the Beauty of Green Energy with LED Beams

Green energy lights up as metaphor about innovation and connection in the Netherlands

Culture march 18, 2016

This Umbrella is Smart, Connected and Unforgettable

Connected umbrella tells you when rain's coming

Culture march 18, 2016

Crowdsourcing the Skies for Better Search and Rescue

Drones and 'virtual' rescue volunteers unite to bring speedier aid to survivors

Culture march 17, 2016

Scan Yourself Into Virtual Reality Using Your Smartphone

A point and shoot is all it takes to upload your face into the VR world

Culture march 17, 2016

3D-Printed Food is Carving Paths Across Culinary Communities

This cuisine moves beyond the whimsical to become a new edge for entrepreneurs

Culture march 17, 2016

Hacking the Biosphere with Robo-Animals

A project produces machines that fit within biological systems and not against them


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