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Syndicated october 19, 2016

How The Most Successful Game Developer Does Marketing Differently

A recently tweeted ambiguous teaser for an upcoming game reveals the differences in Rockstar's approach to the industry

Technology may 25, 2016

What Defines A Brand After 105 Years Of Innovation?

IBM is anchored in pushing its clients towards the future, regardless of product or category

Financial Services may 18, 2016

How Investing In Communities Fosters Business Growth

A global bank focuses its marketing efforts on providing support to individuals and small businesses

Work march 23, 2016

Hack Your Houseplants With Coded Light and Water Sensors sensors monitor plants and send alerts when they need care

Mobile march 23, 2016

Where Have All the Art Punks Gone?

Every generation has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Gen Y revolutionaries?

Op-Ed march 23, 2016

Mobile Typography in 2016: Trending Techniques in Designing for the Small Screen

Device fonts aren't just scaled down for the palm of your hand—a designer weighs in

IoT march 22, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Bridges Worlds with Marketplace for Digital Content

Content creators to be connected with industry buyers and agents through market platform

Design & Architecture march 22, 2016

The Keeper of Airbnb and Snapchat's Visual Identity

Designers can create faster and more efficiently with a collaborative asset manager

Sony and Soundcloud partner to create a music subscription service (Verge)
Robotic algorithms demonstrate artistry in music, painting and fiction (Daily Beast)
Work march 22, 2016

Win a $10,000 Photography Grant on Instagram

Getty Images gears up for the second year of its filter-friendly grant-giving

Home march 22, 2016

Net-Zero Energy Home Takes on Southern California Challenges

Elements from the California poppy will drive a sustainable future that feels like home

Op-Ed march 22, 2016

Jeff Fromm: Casper Sleep Pods, Battery Rescues and Hershey's Genius Idea at SXSWi

At SXSW Interactive, these brands shone the brightest

Innovation march 21, 2016

SoHo Goes Multisensory With a "Portable Historical Society"

Exploring the little-known history of a New York neighborhood important to many creatives


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