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Technology september 27, 2011

YouTube Could Replace TV Viewing In 2012

The online video platform plans to roll out scheduled online channels to mimic TV shows that will be shown on a daily or weekly basis.

Arts & Culture march 11, 2011

Information Overload And Social Media Channels Usher In Rise Of Journalistic Curator

Social media platforms necessitates a more nuanced understanding of the craft of journalism and content provision.

Technology june 15, 2010

SPEED Show: Net.Art With A Pop-Up Mentality

Guerilla tactics help spread Internet-based artworks outside of normal digital channels.

Work may 27, 2010

Google Maps Offers Curatorial Solution For The Street Art Experience

Gaia, a Baltimore street artist has used Google Maps to create an archive of all his work.

Innovation march 22, 2010

MoMA Acquires The @ Symbol For Its Collection

New York's Museum of Modern Art has announced the acquisition of the @ symbol for their collection.

Innovation july 15, 2009

The Future of Museums Lie Online

Considering the increasing number of activities that we're able to complete online from shopping and entertainment to research and communication in various forms, it's not a far stretch to believe Sir Nicholas Serota and Neil MacGregor, two titans of the British museum world, when they say the future for these hallowed institutions [...]

Work july 14, 2009
Innovation june 15, 2006

Eno Predicted PSFK

We got this rather nice email the other day from an international magazine's Copyright Administrator who was very helpful about a certain, how shall we say, "grey-area" in regards to our copyright notice.


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