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Retail may 24, 2016

Apple Store Redesign Looks Much More Welcoming

The retailer is changing the layout of its stores to be more comfortable and inviting

Retail april 1, 2016

Banks Will Recognize Your Voice When You Call Them About Your Account

Financial institution launches voice-controlled banking technology

Technology october 23, 2013

Moment Tracking Helps Brands Deliver More Precise Mobile Advertising [Video]

Game rewards platform promises the most accurate targeting techniques so businesses can have greater success rates.

Work july 14, 2013

Ozgur Alaz: Is It Time For Utility Marketing?

The marketing expert talks about how companies need to make their customers' lives easier in order to gain their respect and attention.

Sustainability october 28, 2012

How ‘Likability’ Trumps Competence In A Brand’s Image [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to author Rohit Bhargava about how building deeper and more trusting business and personal relationships is the key to success.

Syndicated february 23, 2012

Ed Cotton: To Get Close To Customers, Brands Need To Get Real

The UK newspaper, the Guardian, will be opening its doors to readers by hosting a two-day face-to-face event where readers can debate with journalists.

Technology december 12, 2011

AmEx Teams Up With Online Food Delivery Sevice For More Savings

For every four orders you make on Seamless of $15 or more, you'll receive a $10 credit on your next card statement.

Luxury october 11, 2011

Bulldog Drummond: Connecting The C-Suite To Their Consumers

Business executives are often disconnected with their consumer base. Here's how to bring them back.

Innovation september 14, 2011

Seth Godin: Don’t Underserve Your Elite Customers [Headlines]

Treating customers differently is the single easiest operational way to transform your organization, by giving loyal and profitable customers a reason to come back.

Design & Architecture august 31, 2011

Kellogg’s Launching Online CRM Portal To Increase Customer Engagement

The CPG company is partnering with Epsilon to create a new online marketing solution.

Luxury august 4, 2011

$1.63M Investment Gives ThinkNear The Legs To Run

ThinkNear launches its geo-targeting service to help businesses bring customers in when they most need them, like during off-hours.

IoT august 1, 2011

Future Of Retail: Digitally Empowered Staff

In our research for PSFK's Future of Retail report, our consulting team realized that we are witnessing a refocus on the importance of customer service and this new wave is enabled by technology.

Advertising june 27, 2011

Kevin Kelly: Do Your Customers Want Simple, Semi Or Mass Customization? [Headlines]

"You read the New York Times because everyone else is reading it, but you don't read the sports section or the obits. You want not the Daily Me, but the Daily You and Me, the publication your 12 closest friends read."

Technology june 23, 2011

Kevin Kelly On The Drive To Relate To The Consumer Intimately [Headlines]

"The drive to relate to the consumer intimately to the point of encouraging prosuming, can be articulated as a series of progressive goals... Each of the missions elevates the firm's commitment to the customer and raises the customer's involvement with the firm."


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