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Retail september 12, 2016

Lowe's Offers Customized 3D Printing Service

Customers will be able to print their personalized designs using over 10 available production materials

Education july 5, 2016

Kids Can Now Build Their Own Bose Speakers

The audio company has released a customizable cube with step-by-step instructions to create a working speaker

Fashion june 21, 2016

A Wearable Multi-Tool You Can Take Anywhere

The Leatherman TREAD combines 29 different applications in one customizable device

Luxury december 10, 2015

Nordstrom and Shoes of Prey Have Big Shoes to Fill in Customized Clothing Space

Shoes of Prey is bigger than ever with the help of Nordstrom's investment, ensuring both companies can grow in their desired direction

Work september 18, 2015

The Real Estate Industry is Going 3D

Archilogic lets you convert property listings into interactive models so you can design your future home before you move in

Work september 16, 2015

The Building Blocks for Customized Furniture are Here

This sofa rearranges into an arm chair, foot rest and whatever your living room dreams desire

Advertising december 9, 2014

This Service Will Instantly Design Your Company Logo for $50

Tailor Brands is an affordable service that will auto-generate customized branding for your company

Sustainability april 18, 2014

Build Your Next Handbag From Scratch With These Lego-Like Pieces

Bamin's modular bags make sure you stand out in any crowd.

Retail april 8, 2014

Prada Lets Shoe Lovers Build Their Dream Heels

'Made To Order Décolleté' collection offers complete customization.

Innovation february 5, 2014

Donation Platform Automatically Gives To Charities As People Spend

Designed to remove any barriers to supporting charities, Changefolio syncs automatic micro-donations with people’s daily expenses.

Design & Architecture september 12, 2013

LEGO Fish Tanks Provide Customizable Worlds For Pets [Pics]

A fun and affordable alternative to buying accessories for your fish tank.

Sustainability september 12, 2013

Concept Phone Made Of Detachable Blocks May Reduce Electronic Waste

Modular design makes it easy to customize this phone exactly how you want it

Mobile august 29, 2013

Customizable LEGO iPhone Case Lets Owners Build Infinite Variations [Pics]

Let your imagination run wild and craft a new phone cover every week with this official accessory.

Home august 22, 2013

Customizable Wallpaper Gives Homeowners Decorative Control [Pics]

A new way to redecorate that is as simple as ripping paper.


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