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Fitness & Sport october 28, 2016

New Data Technologies Make Hyper-Personalized Training A Reality

The Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs looks at how analytics tools are being developed to optimize human performance across all industries

Design & Architecture august 16, 2016

Toaster Prints The Weather Forecast On Your Breakfast

This homeware device brands custom messages on your morning bread

Retail july 26, 2016

This Is What An 'Anti-Design' Store Looks Like

Danish audio brand AIAIAI has created a minimalist environment in order to spotlight the products

Experiential Marketing july 21, 2016

Now You Can Make Your Own Mixtape With Netflix

Flixtape allows you to curate a series of your favorite shows depending on moods and themes

Automotive june 28, 2016

Create A Custom Daihatsu Using 3D-Printed Car Parts

The Japanese car manufacturer allows owners to personalize the exterior of their vehicles at the click of a button

Design & Architecture march 28, 2016

E-Ink Sneakers Provide Customizable Fashion for Sneakerheads

Watch closely... These natural-looking shoes can change designs on the fly

Technology december 11, 2015

From Device to Doorstep, Take Custom Furniture Design Into Your Own Hands

Adapt furniture design to your specific needs and tastes and update it along the way like you would with software

Technology september 15, 2015

The Product of Love and Machine: Customized Accessories

Love & Robots lets consumers customize products online to then be 3D printed and shipped on-demand

Work april 10, 2015

Bringing Custom-Tailored Earphones to the Masses [PSFK 2015]

CEO of Normal and PSFK 2015 Conference speaker Nikki Kaufman shares her thoughts on the death of small, medium and large sizes

Home december 11, 2014

Learn How to Bring Your Own Action Figure Designs to Life with a 3D Printer

Easily design, customize and make action figures that can take on a wide array of dynamic poses with any 3D printer

Innovation november 11, 2014

The Importance of Storytelling in Driving Contextually Relevant In-Store Experiences [PSFK FUTURE OF RETAIL NYC]

Executive Creative Director from creative agency Infusion previews its creative concepts for PSFK’s Future of Retail challenge

Retail november 10, 2014

Headphone Maker Normal Delivers Mass Personalization in Retail [PSFK FUTURE OF RETAIL NYC]

Founder of Normal discusses how technology allows retailers to create custom tailored products for everyone

You Can Portray Yourself Perfectly With Portrayy's Fashion Customisation System
Luxury december 12, 2013

Porsche Lets Fans 3D Print Miniature Cars At Home [Video]

The automotive manufacturer has released the data files for the Cayman S model, enabling people to customize their own mini sports car.


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