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Work march 14, 2016

A Geometric Jewelry Box That Matches the Gift Inside

This specially-created jewel box is packaging that lives on as its own gift

Mobile february 27, 2014

Customizable Orthotics Are 3D-Printed To The Wearer’s Liking

New York startup finds new solution in customizing corrective footwear.

Technology november 29, 2013

Tim Rodgers: The Adaptive Storefront Prototype [Video]

+rehabstudio brings The Future of Retail report to life with a creative vision for responsive shopping displays.

Sustainability october 31, 2013

Customizable Lip Balm Developed By Ten-Year-Old Girl

Chloey Shriver and her father are revolutionizing the beauty business by giving the customer unprecedented control in the creation process.

Sustainability june 3, 2013

Could This Drink Powder Replace All Meals?

Invented by Rob Rhinehart, Soylent is a nutritional and affordable beverage containing everything the healthy body needs.

Gaming & Play august 1, 2012

Adidas Designs New Pair Of Shoes For Every Day Of The Olympics

The athletics brand will customize a new pair of sneakers every day inspired by the Games best moments.

Design & Architecture june 5, 2012

$2000 Logitech Headphones Come With A Personal Service Specialist

The tech brand creates a set of earphones that is fully customized to suit each customer's listening preferences.

Retail may 30, 2012

One Of A Kind Shoes Made From The Skin Of Stingrays

Rayfish Footwear offers customers personalized footwear by genetically engineering a species of tropical fish.

Luxury march 30, 2012

Design Firm Updates Banal Fire Extinguishers To Create Vintage, Luxury Items [Pics]

Fire Design creates attractive objects with a range of colors and patterns.

Advertising february 14, 2012

Innocent Smoothies Lets You Print Valentines Right On Their Labels

Let someone know that you love them with this fun, bespoke campaign.

Design & Architecture february 1, 2012

Design Your Own Custom Furniture Pieces At IKEA Prices

Evolvex allows consumers to create bespoke storage solutions that are simple and affordable.

Technology december 20, 2011

The Weather Channel iPad App Introduces Customized Ads At High Traffic Times

The campaign for Ace Hardware uses time of day targeting for localized and relevant messages.

Technology june 8, 2011

Cookulus: A Ready Lifesaver For The Struggling Cookie Baker

A new app helps you create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie for your enjoyment.

Luxury june 8, 2011

Italian Style: The Fiat 500 By Gucci [Pics]

A partnership between the two Italian design brands sees 500 limited edition Fiat 500 cars customized by Gucci.


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