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Technology october 1, 2013

Sensor Kit Allows Blind Cyclists To Ride Independently

Visually impaired people can now cycle safely with the UltraBike unit.

Innovation march 26, 2013

Bike Light Projects Cyclist's Speed On The Road In Front Of Them [Video]

Matt Richardson's hack displays a moving odometer in real-time.

Technology september 18, 2012

Safety Light Creates A Laser Bike Lane For Cyclists [Video]

XFire has created a lighting system to make bikers more visible to traffic at night.

Technology september 3, 2012

3-in-1 Gyrobike Helps Kids Learn To Ride Faster [Video]

Stabilizing front-wheel allows children to cycle without training wheels.

Technology july 13, 2012

Cycling Directions Added To Google Maps [Headlines]

The mapping software will now offer users directions to their destinations via the best bike routes.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2012

Aston Martin Debuts Bicycle With On-Board Touchscreen Computer [Video]

The One-77 Cycle will electronically detail 100 performance measures, and will be hand-built and customized to fit every owner's specifications.

Travel april 23, 2012

Bike-Mounted Case Protects Your Smartphone Against The Harsh Outdoors

Protect your phone from rain, dust, scratches, and bumpy roads while you ride.

Arts & Culture april 19, 2012

Bike Hack Lets You Create Art Just By Pedaling

A different drawing is created each time you cycle on this bicycle installation.

Luxury april 5, 2012

Ride Like a Pro-Cyclist With Shimano's Electronic Gear Shifts [Pics]

The Alfine Di2 is equipped with an advanced system usually found on professional road bikes.

Design & Architecture february 16, 2012

Revamped Compact Bicycle Folds Up In Under 10 Seconds

Portable bike can be collapsed faster due to its uniquely odd frame shape.

Work february 11, 2009

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