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Augmented & Virtual Reality september 12, 2016

The World's First Virtual Reality Ballet Is Free To Watch

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet has created Night Fall, new VR entertainment that can be enjoyed all around the world

Work august 30, 2013

Raves Based On Computer Algorithms Infiltrate Dance Clubs [Video]

Algoraves is a dance movement that merges technology and the club scene, where DJs create tracks live using software.

Advertising august 5, 2013

London's Pre-Work Raves Will Replace Gym Sessions [Video]

Early morning parties offer massages and smoothies instead of drugs and alcohol.

Technology july 30, 2013

Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

DOT DOT DOT lets people control a dance routine with their fingertips.

Mobile july 26, 2013

Kinect-Powered Set Creates An Imaginary Environment For The Ballet [Video]

Pioneering technology enables ballet to move into modern times.

Innovation may 13, 2013

Lunchtime Dance Parties Let Workers Unwind During The Day

Lunch Beat is an hour-long gathering for workers to escape their computer screens and be part of a social community.

Work march 29, 2013

Technology Makes Dancers Looks Like They Are Performing With Ghosts

Lights become an integral part of the performance as they mimic the dancer's movements.

Mobile november 6, 2012

Stream New Albums For Free By Dancing To The Music

A motion-detecting feature ensures that the songs will play only as long as the listener is moving to the beat, or at least moving the phone.

Design & Architecture october 4, 2012

The African Subculture That Is Inspiring Bjork And M.I.A

An African renaissance movement is spreading Kuduro across the globe with dance, music, fashion, and language.

IoT april 13, 2011

When Marketing Affects Product Design: Adidas's The Megalizer

Adidas's The Megalizer Project heralds its Mega Collection and helps to further revolutionize the limits of dancing.

Innovation october 19, 2010

(Video) The Engineering Of A Pop Star

Pop music meet robotics with the HRP-4C.

Arts & Culture january 12, 2010

Silent Noise: Headphone Party In Goa

Due to strict noise pollution laws, it's become difficult to have an outdoor dance party in Goa, India.

Gaming & Play december 18, 2009

Pong Prom: Slow Dancing Meets Video Games

Pong Prom is an unusual project that combines slow dancing and video games.

Innovation january 23, 2007

Rave On

We mentioned the bubbling of a re-emerging rave culture before - now the New York Times picks up on the UK scene.


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